The Amnesia Ibiza nightclub has announced its calendar of events for 2021 in a very particular way, and sets the date for its Closing Party on October 23, 2021 !!!

From this moment, the nightclub will begin to inform about the rest of the parties that it is going to program, depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

A year ago, Ibiza's nightclubs had to close their doors because of the pandemic. Even though the 2021 season is still a bit up in the air, Amnesia is the first club on the island to open its event calendar for 2021.

As he explains on his website, "As good news begins to arrive from the UK and the EU, we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This pandemic has slowed us down, but never stopped us. So , This season, we have reinvented ourselves and we have decided to announce the events in reverse: proposing an ending but leaving the beginning open ".

Amnesia confirms it and announces as "the party of the year", the Closing, which will be on October 23 "with the best DJs, the most advanced sound in the world, spectacular visual effects and an unsurpassed atmosphere", and for which it has already opened a waiting list ..

Press specialized in electronic music also assures that the club will adapt to the health situation by limiting capacity.