News: June 6, 2020 - 

Ibiza to Phase III - covid 19 -

REGULATIONS: In the discotheques the dance floors cannot be used to dance, but only to set up tables. The maximum capacity allowed will be 30%.

Are these measurements realistic?

The Ministry of Health has published today in the Official State Gazette the legal measures that will accompany Phase 2 and Phase 3 in the de-escalation. Aspects such as nightlife are included in the new measures.

What are the measures?

The package of measures presented by Spain is intended to guarantee the safety and quality of night activities. It includes those decreed by the Government, and in some cases, specific rules can be added that those responsible for each location believe appropriate. Some of the general rules of the guide are as follows:

- Safety distance throughout the premises, including the dance floor: You will not be able to dance. The dance floors will not have their usual use. The owners may have tables or sets of tables for clients in this space.

- Limited capacity: each location will establish the maximum occupancy of the location so that the safety distance between clients is allowed to be respected, and will determine the control methods to ensure that these safety gaps are not exceeded. The measure includes adapting to the queuing system with an interpersonal distance of two meters. The percentages of capacity and distance will be decreed by the Ministry of Health in each phase.

- Constant disinfection and cleaning: there will be personnel dedicated exclusively to cleaning and maintaining the premises during its operation, to guarantee the maximum possible hygiene and reduce risks, intensifying cleaning in the places of greatest contact, such as bars or railings.

- Disposable cups and straws: for those places that cannot disinfect the dishes at more than 80 degrees temperature, the use of plastic cups will be implemented. It is advisable to carry organic straws to drink and further reduce the risk.

- Control of the toilets: it will be mandatory to disinfect the hands with gel at the exit of the toilets, a rule whose compliance will be supervised by the staff.

- Immediate expulsion from the premises if safety regulations are not followed.