Did you think about living on a boat for a week on your vacation?

Vacation on a charter boat is one of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences.

Many of our clients are repeaters,  since after checking for themselves that it is fantastic, they decide to repeat the experience every year.

There are many reasons why renting a pleasure boat is an excellent alternative for your vacation.

Here we list some of the reasons that will encourage you to make the decision to rent a pleasure boat for you with your family or friends.

Now, we leave you the following tips to spend an incredible week aboard a sailboat or catamaran in Ibiza.


Wake up in the morning in a cove, go sailing, make shore excursions, go to dinner at a restaurant along the coast, play sports on the beach or watch the sunset from the deck.

With a week of boat vacations, you will end up collecting a good amount of memories for a lifetime.


Sailboats and catamarans generally, due to their price and for consuming less fuel than yachts, are more given to weekly rental with overnight on board.



We advise calling in advance (24 hours or 48 hours before) to organize the boarding time and to be waiting for you with everything prepared and ready to board.

Likewise, they can also consult us and we can organize transportation from the airport to the ship.


Once on the ship, the skipper will welcome you on board and you can organize your luggage.

The contract will be printed to review it, complete some data if it is missing, make the settlement of the agreed part (if it is missing), sign it and keep your copy on board.

It is mandatory that all concepts are settled before starting the charter.


Once the economic issue and the contract have been resolved, it is time to distribute the cabins and go to the weekly supply.

It is also possible to make a purchase, in small quantities, once anchored using the zodiac to disembark, but it is not the most comfortable.

Another option to manage the purchase is with us at the following email: [email protected]


The list is not very different from the list they would make to spend a week in an apartment in Ibiza, with some exceptions.

We leave you some suggestions:


- Shampoo and bath soap

- Hand soap

- Sunscreen

- Wet wipes or the like.

- napkins

- Toilet paper

- Rolls of kitchen paper

- Mistol or Fairy or any dish soap

- Scourer for washing dishes

- Plastic bags with closure to deposit the used toilet paper and then throw it in the garbage bag, since we can not throw paper in the toilet.

- Mineral water: at least 2-3 liters per person per day

- All the food you will eat and cook during the week

- We recommend paper cups and plates if you want to save time and water.

- Salt and pepper

- Sugar

- Olive oil

- Bread, butter, cookies, cream cheese, coffee and other typical breakfast items.

- Garbage bags. At least one package for the whole week

- Soft drinks, juices, etc.

- (Car) chargers for mobile phones.


- Sunscreens, lipsticks, after-sun

(remember that they will be exposed to the sun for many hours).

- Dizziness pills, Biodramines or other brands, especially for the first days, until you get used to it (better with caffeine).

- Personal and intimate hygiene products

(with the precaution of not throwing paper, wipes, cotton, or swabs through the toilet, since they would clog the bilge and cause a considerable breakdown, in addition to the inconvenience of not being able to use the toilet).


Keep in mind that surely on many occasions they will eat at beach bars and beach clubs, where they will spend the day, and in the end they will not use as much food.



Easy to prepare foods such as salads, sandwiches, snacks, long-lasting fruit are also recommended.

It is very important to note that the capacity of a ship's refrigerator is limited.


- Metal cutlery, glass dishes, cups and glasses, pots, pans and saucepans, coffee maker, strainers, fountains, etc. But as we have mentioned, it is not a bad idea to buy plastic cups and plates in order to save water.

- Bed sheets

- pillows

- Pillow covers

- Blankets

- Lifevest

- Kids size life jackets

- Approved first aid kit



It is very important to bring soft suitcases. A large sports bag or backpack would be the perfect type of luggage. Large suitcases take up a lot of space on the ship and most do not fit through the cabin door, so they must be left in the lounge, which complicates life on board and generates disorder, lack of common space, etc.


The temperature in the months of May and June is not as high as we could imagine so if your week is within that period we recommend bringing warm clothing. And in any case even in July and August at night it can get quite cool so a long sleeve always comes in handy.

The rental rate includes shower towels, but not beach towels. If you think about going to the beach for sunbathing (it's actually better on the catamaran) then you can bring beach towels.


Do not forget a pair of flip flops. This is the ideal footwear on board and, of course, it is recommended to go barefoot that holds much more.

Heels or shoes with hard soles cannot be used on board as is typical of any fiber or wooden boat.


You must bring a minimum of two / three / bikinis, swimsuits, etc, to be able to change and not always be in the wet swimsuit.

Be careful with the sun that hits much more than we think. So we must bring everything necessary to protect ourselves, scarves, polarized glasses, caps, hats, etc.

Personal hygiene products: deodorant, combs, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc.


It is very important to follow the rules. If you are not sure about something, please ALWAYS CONSULT THE EMPLOYER, even if the question seems silly to you.

The day of arrival explains all the safety measures and operation of the boat, but here are some important tips:


Touching ship's equipment without the skipper's permission.

On the ship we can find many devices, such as radio, radar, AIS, electrical panels, plotter, etc ... it is not convenient to touch or play with them.

Although if you want to learn how they work, the bosses will be happy to teach you.

Jump into the water in navigation or anchoring maneuvers.

Never, you have to take a bath without the permission of the skipper, much less with the boat sailing or maneuvering.

There is nothing more annoying for a skipper than when they arrive at a cove and a crew member jumps before finishing the maneuver, with the risk in security measures that this entails.

Bathing without having the ladder on.

It is mandatory to always put the ladder before to get on the boat when we are in a cove. And if there is wind or current it is convenient to launch a line with a float at the stern if there are crew members bathing.

Leave objects on deck when we navigate.

It is essential to keep our objects in the cabin well before going sailing. With the movement of the boat or the list it is easy for them to fall into the water.

Do not close the doors of your cabin while browsing. If you forget to close the porthole (window) of your cabin before the boat sails, it is very likely that water will enter and your bed will get wet.

Throw wipes or paper in the toilet. This is one of the worst things you can do to an employer. Forcing him to disassemble and unclog a toilet for not respecting the obligation not to throw paper and wipes always in a bag, never in the toilet !!!!

Put you in places with risk during navigation. On the deck of a sailboat you may find many ends, winches and maneuvering elements. Check with the skipper where you can sit or lie down without disturbing the maneuvers. Or better yet! Ask the boss to teach you how to participate in the maneuvers and you will learn where you should not be when others are maneuvering. Special attention to the boom (stick at the bottom of the sail).

Not paying attention to the safety instructions. It is not that there are many things, and most likely, on the third day, each crew member moves freely and comfortably around the ship, but at the beginning it is very important to keep in mind all the safety instructions that the skipper gives when boarding: use of toilets, bottom taps, what to do every time we anchor or dock in a port, etc ...


We will only have normal electricity (220V), when we are docked in the port and connected to the dock outlet.

While we are at anchor or sailing, like any other boat of our size, the electricity on the boat is 12V, that is, as in a car and with the same socket as a car.

For this reason we will not be able to use laptops, 220V chargers, hair dryers, etc., unless we are in the port.

Do not forget to bring car chargers for mobile phones.


For any information or consultation it is very easy:

We send an email to: [email protected] or whatsapp +34 697 378 843.

Remember to provide us:

number of people ,

possible dates, budget,

with tie every night or without tie,

and any other special requirements.


Forget all the cons that they have told you and try it for yourself.

The advantages of a week long boat adventure and the experiences you are going to have are worth it.

Most likely, after trying it, they want to relive the experience again !!!

[email protected]

+34 697 378 843