What things will happen in Ibiza 2021?


IBIZA 2021 - Pending if the vaccination can recover the tourist activity !!!

All the attention of the new year is focused on Ibiza being a safe destination, and despite the pandemic, tourist activity recovers in summer.

The Covid-19 pandemic focuses all attention again in 2021, although with a little more light after the arrival of the first vaccines. All eyes are on the summer, on whether there will be a tourist season and under what conditions.

After 2020, everyone is confident that the path to return to normality prior to the health crisis will now begin. With the arrival of the vaccine, he starts with a new perspective after months of great uncertainty. The Balearic Government expects that in summer at least 65% of the population of the islands will have been vaccinated and, calculates that by the end of summer 70% of the Spanish population will have been immunized, with this, the pandemic will be controlled. .

A few days ago the Consell de Ibiza presented the "STRATEGIC PLAN TOWARDS A SAFE DESTINATION - IBIZA 2021", with which it is intended to carry out up to 794,000 covid tests, in the most optimistic scenario, at the airport and the port to guarantee the development of the next tourist season, with an approximate cost of 40 million euros.

How will the next tourist season be? Controls in ports and airports will be enough to guarantee that Ibiza is safe? Will the clubs reopen? Under what conditions?

As the months go by, doubts will dissipate.

We will be informing you of all this as summer approaches !!!!

We hope you are well and we hope to see you in Ibiza 2021 !!!


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